Cove Stripe Ornaments

Tim Herzog, #62 Miss Daisy

In 2021 I developed high-resolution versions of the Seabreeze “arrow” and “fin” on the bow and stern ends of the cove stripe. These can be easily printed out as stencils or as vinyl decals from BoatUS.

cove stripe components

Caveat: I developed the artwork by manually tracing directly from hull #62—when she was over 50 years old. It is not the original artwork, and it may not match what’s on your boat.

There are 3 files; choose the ones that best suit your needs:

If you print these make sure to print at 100% (not “fit to page” or any other scale option) or they won’t be the right size.

BoatUS Lettering already has the artwork in their system as order #224503. You can order these as decals for a very reasonable price and apply them as you would lettering. You’ll need at least two sets (one for each side) and it doesn’t hurt to have extra copies for backup, practice or touchup down the road. The BoatUS color palette is very close to the “Awlgrip” paint catalog used by major paint manufacturers, which means you can usually order decals to match a painted cove or boot stripe.